Why Pre-Plan (Moksha Seva) your own funeral:

  • It makes your wishes clearly known so that there will be no guessing on the part of your family
  • It reduces stress on your family and friends at a highly emotional time.
  • It guarantees that you family will never have to pay more for your funeral
  • Its shows you care about those that you leave behind
  • You want to have a dignified and respectful cremation
  • You want you final rites to happen in a certain way.
  • Your family may be away and may take a while to reach you at this unfortunate moment.
  • You want to leave behind fond memories for your loved ones to cherish
  • You want to give life to someone who will live even after you have gone
  • It relieves your family of any potential financial burden.

“I have always taken care of my family.No reason to stop now.”
We already plan for:
-our wedding
-our first Home
-our children’s education
-our retirement

Now I Can Plan my funeral Also!!!

Moksha Seva helps an individual to plan his funeral well in advance. While none of us like to think or talk about death, we need to accept that it is inevitable and each one of us needs to go on a journey to the other world some day.

But while doing so we can always take care of a few things

  • Ensure that we have a respectful and dignified funeral just like we had a respectful and dignified life. This way your final rites will not depend on any or everybody and all rites & rituals will happen the way you want it.
  • It will help save your family and friends from the stress of making funeral arrangements at a time they are already mourning
  • You do not have to worry about your final rites incase you stay alone or far away from your family
  • Give life to those who will continue to dwell after you are gone through means of “Organ Donation”
  • Leave behind fond memories, voice messages, pictures for your children, grand children , friends to cherish every time they think of you.

This way you will always continue to live with your near and dear ones even once you are gone.

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Note:(On Request) – Plan Last Rites according to Garuda Purana

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